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Sex swings combine two of the most fun things on earth sex and swings,. One of my readers has used these instructions to build a sex swing. He has sent pictures that i can share with you as well as some things he and his wife did a bit differently. Things we did different we used 3 inch high density foam slab from joannes fabrics to make the cushions.   while sex swings come in different styles (some hang from the ceiling, some attach to the door, others are freestanding), really, a sex swing is any device that can elevate you andor your partner, helping you get into new positions or your favorite positions with more ease, says megan stubbs, ed. Diy sex swing (can you build your own sex swing?) in our world of youtube tutorials and diy desire to save a few bucks, it really isnt out of the question to ask yourself if you can make your own sex swing at home. The materials involved arent difficult to source, and the overall design isnt too hard to copy.   two bolts on each leg of the bracket will be more than enough. To make it sturdier, put some sturdy eyebolts on the lower end of the legs, and connect them with a length of chain. Thatll prevent the legs (of the frame, not of the sub) from spreading. (this door-jam sex swing from babeland is only 65!) related how to make yourself squirt during sex ask for help.   this sex swing with stand gives you all the movement and weightlessness youve been looking for without having to install a swing into your ceiling and hope it doesnt fall.   press down on the branch at the point where you intend to hang your swing.

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