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It's from forearm porn. Best asian tits. You are basically forcing whoever sees your phone to look at an image you find sexually arousing or appealing in some way. I'm not a bad looking dude: Like Starbuck, Leia, or Inara doing something badass that is simultaneously sexy.

We've recently been introduced via friends at a BBQ. Half naked women wallpaper. Mostly I find it funny now when he plays his video games and gets involved with digital boobies. The photo you gave is sexualized, and makes me feel objectified as well. Added support for iPhone X and improved performance. Pein Banned Jan 4, Every little girl who ripped a page out of a magazine of her favourite teen heartthrob, or has a poster of an actor, must be a bad, disrespectful, dumb, boring, sexist person.

Thinking someone is beautiful doesn't mean you're immediately sexualising them. But I know he loves me and wants me over some other chick, so I don't care if he put his wallpaper to like, Emma Watson or whatever. Way late to this party. Dita v nude video. App Support Privacy Policy. That's why I tried to include the disclaimer at the end, since my response was heavily targeted towards these sorts of pictures.

I would feel the same way if I were you. And I find it a bit tacky tbh; watching porn feels way more ok. Then you don't have to worry about anyone judging you for it, because they will never see it. Because I view a laptop the same way I do a desktop. I adorn my bedroom with only the most tasteful anime scrolls. OP's example is kind of borderline. Now if you were to ask me "what's with the girl? However, I am discussing this as a general topic, not necessarily that picture in specific. I don't think it's a horrible, evil thing to do; I just feel like the people around me have outgrown it.

Takamura-San Member Jan 4, This answer does not apply to photos of women celebrities or video game characters in normal non-sexual action poses, e. Ecchi sexy anime girls. I personally dislike when people look at my phone while I'm using it and I don't show my phone to them to show off my background either.

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I think it would be hypocritical for me to be wildly offended if a guy did something similar.

I don't think I'd think negatively of a guy who had an image as a background like that on his personal computer or phone. Jennette mccurdy nude sex. Then shortly after I moved in with him, he took a downshirt photo of my boobs and that was the wallpaper on his phone like, forever, until that phone died. No prob, I have that too. Do you think you would reach the same conclusion about the guy forget that OP said it's for the pretty face! Check out Pink Basis' wide collection of cute tops for women online here!

I hate to be judgemental, but I do always think, "Wow, you're still doing that? Same for girls with sexy guy pics on their walls, phone, etc. I would worry that someone who has such a thing would have a low opinion of me. It's perfectly fair for you to not dig it. See this is the kind of response I'd expect from anyone I had an interest in befriending, because we'd have a a similar interest and b something to argue about and I fucking love arguing.

It's almost like a low level of sexual aggression, in my opinion. Half naked women wallpaper. Whoa, thanks for all in the input! Does it matter who the woman in the picture is? Sure, she's easy on the eyes, but what if she weren't attractive? For example, as a teenager, my boyfriend had a poster on his wall of a bleach-blonde woman with gigantic fake breasts, topless and in a schoolgirl skirt. Hot naked brunette women. I wouldn't ever put it in a bedroom or anything.

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However, I am discussing this as a general topic, not necessarily that picture in specific. Yeah, what's up with them, Half naked men are so much better! In general, it seems poorly calculated. I bet they also wear way too much cologne and hair gel and clothes with BIG brand logos. Then again my boyfriends picture is of me in a tee shirt.

As long as it isn't of my sister or his co-worker, I don't really think twice about it. Christmas Gifts from Santa Claus! Some see existing patterns of social mobility as evidence of inequality of opportunity.

Just to clarify, you're being downvoted because you don't agree with the hivemind. If you don't care, then good on you. You ought to be getting a hold on your hormones by now.

The picture seems pretty innocuous except those shoes.

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I know he likes redheads the most, and it used to bother me. It all started when all of the regular stock photo sites rejected his photos for "lack of quality". Nude natural women tumblr. Going against the hivemind is fine.

Talk via PM or start a new thread. Nude ugly women tumblr In this case, I'd probably assume the latter. Which is why so many young teenage men have them up, or people on forums And her songs are not only "catchy", but relatable for people who've experienced any notion of romance.

Spoiler The OP must be sexually frustrated. No Dorm room fun for you! My wife has a rotating desktop that goes through pictures of half naked and full naked women and a random few men, but mostly women.

However I'd liken a tablet to a mobile. Wallpapers that tell me you're into doctor who are awesome.

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