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Both in the sense that it can and will never happen, because it would be destroying the original material the show is based on.

But we've been dating since high school and, God, you know…? They oriented in mostly the same direction now, lying on the bed parallel to the TV, so they had to turn their heads to see Britney.

They have their own relationship that progresses naturally and has nothing to do with men -- in fact, in one episode Richard tries to come between them and play mediator, and he's basically shoved aside because it's their business and they will work it out. Rated M because I'm paranoid. Evelyn guerrero naked. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Can I take a message? Instead we were treated to a series of short scenes that all continued to fuel the sexual tension between them, and continued to build on the existing pain is pleasure and fighting is sex principle. Legend of the seeker lesbian. Kahlan was starting to get on Cara's nerves.

But Kahlan was Richard's; she'd understood that from day one. Cara wasn't a saint, but she also wasn't going to get an O off some drunk girl like she couldn't do any better. She lavished all her attention on Kahlan's chest. Her soul may be a blackened marshmallow, but the marshmallow is still there. Cara approached the Mother Confessor until she was only inches away. Big bang theory nude penny. She had the woman she loved literally begging her to take her, but she couldn't.

Cara liked seeing Kahlan this way, since it obviously wasn't just the drinks that had pulled the stick out of Kahlan. And any plans TPTB might have had for their show gets blown out of the water by it. She'd known a woman who'd actually had a whole list memorized, just to rattle off at anyone who challenged her. Literally, what happens is she brainwipes them into falling in love with her -- becoming instantly and single-mindedly so devoted that they'll do anything she asks, like puppets on a string.

Watched it ages ago, but never picked up on it was too distracted by 7 and her leotardthis time around however- whoa. Eventually they stop fighting each other and start fighting together: There are little things like Confessors and Mord Sith being deadly enemies, and the fact Cara used to serve the tyrant Kahlan sacrificed everything to bring down.

I had you screaming my name all over the forest as you begged me to fuc-". That means that every event is inevitable, including those that are impossible. Not just a little fucked, but extremely fucked. Anonymous 12 February at This was beyond cruel. TPTB obviously play up the subtext, but to see their natural chemistry is brilliant. And the final scene of the episode has a small exchange between Kahlan and Cara where the Confessor tells the blonde that her life is extremely important.

Richard voiced this concern a few hours later when Kahlan went into the woods to relieve herself without Cara, despite her vehement protests she should follow her for safety reasons.

Wherein Dahlia wasn't full of lies when she turned up asking Cara to come rescue her Rahl son, and the Rahl son was totally adorable, and Cara totally tried hard to be a mother with a little help from her friends.

The Mord'Siths were not famous for the huggability or their touchy-feelyness.

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Posted by Ape at But unlike on Xena this time it is so much more graphic and so much more Just In All Stories: I keep watching their scenes and I'm right there with you.

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New neighbors, mysterious pasts, and sexual tension. Naked fantasy pics. Desecrated was fantastic in terms of Cara and Kahlan. Worse than any punishment a Mord Sith could dish out; this was true torture. The rest of the way to Aydindril was silent. We are handed some cutesy scenes between Richard and Kahlan where they smooch and dance and play out the happy couple role rather adorably. Legend of the seeker lesbian. But after Ralst posted a few clips from season two Top of Work Index.

Maestra by avesnongrata Fandoms: The two grown closer, they are forced to become allies and slowly the hatred is stripped away, yet somehow the passion never leaves. It's an arranged marriage - not denying that there isn't love, it's just not the kind of love that becomes epic. The second part of my "here are some wholly unnecessary child characters I wrote into various fandoms" series, published on the slim offchance that anyone else wanted to read this or something similar as much as I wanted to write it.

It's just that there are some very classical themes explored with the ruling Rahl family. Women over 40 naked pictures. It's an adventure show with a lot of action. I don't own anything. I appreciate you writing this article and the rest of the site is extremely good. Mhm, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get to see more of their glorious interactions.

Instead we were treated to a series of short scenes that all continued to fuel the sexual tension between them, and continued to build on the existing pain is pleasure and fighting is sex principle.

The Mord Sith aren't immune, simply trained to overcome the pain of wielding it. Currently been spending far too much time around the Gender Science department at Uni. I was walking home and one of those campus carts asked me if I wanted a ride here and I thought I'd see you. Usually it's the men in the strong protective role, and usually it's the women who use the emotional arguments. Richard led the way. Yeah, I'm in the same boat, the straight rarely does it for me, but this can't just be us, can it?

You want this too. Black girl juicy pussy. I'll be right back," Cara lied. Cara woke before Kahlan.

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